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Want your plaything to remain chaste and devoted to you whilst still being able to see every inch of their body? Now you can with the Clear CTRL Deluxe Locking Chastity Belt.

This deluxe model locking chastity belt has a waist belt and a second belt going between the legs flaring out in an hourglass shape around the crotch area, giving more coverage in the front and in back, while narrowing between the legs to conform to pelvic anatomy. Amp up the fun by placing an anal plug or remote-controlled vibrator inside their pussy- you’ll be able to witness them squirm and writhe in erotic situations that they can’t get out of!

Both belts are adjustable and lockable. The whole belt requires 4 locks (not included) to stay fastened.

Ideal for... female chastity, BDSM, bondage, space role-play, futuristic role-play, cyber role-play, sci fi role-play, voyeurism, submissive training, slave training, BDSM Fashion.

Product Details:
• Fully adjustable up to 40" (101.6cm)
• The waist belt adjusts 23” to 40” (58.4-101.6cm)
• The crotch belt adjusts 25” to 38½” (63.5-98cm)
• Requires 4 locks to stay fastened (sold separately)
• Made with clear vinyl

Note: This item is produced in-house by our leather team in Los Angeles. In-house items display as "In Stock," and in a majority of cases we do have current stock on hand, but if not, the items will be made to order for you, and our customer service team will notify you promptly regarding any anticipated wait (usually just a few days). You will have the option to cancel if you do not wish to wait. If other items in your order are available immediately, the order may be sent in multiple parts.

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