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When your cock is locked away for Master’s pleasure, keeping it clean and healthy is your responsibility. After all, when Master releases you, He’s certainly going to want you in good shape. The CB-3000 is perfect for that combination of confidence, discretion, and hygiene that’s essential for long-term male chastity.

Made of lightweight, hypoallergenic plastic, the CB-3000 cage cradles the wearer’s junk comfortably enough to avoid chafing, while snug enough there won’t be any unapproved escapes. The vented sides make it easy to wash, dry, and lubricate while locked.

To ensure a proper fit, the CB-3000 comes with five sizes of ring, ranging from 1 1/2” diameter to 2”. Your Keyholder can choose the one that fits just right, close it with the included pins and padlock, and then forget about it until they’re ready to let you come out and play.

Product Details:
• Cage Inside Length is 3in (7.6cm)
• Cage Inside Diameter is 1.38in (3.50cm)
• Weight .268lbs (4.25oz)
• Made of Polycarbonate

CB-3000 Kit Contains:
1 Embossed, padded carrying case
1 Cage (Length: 3”, Interior Diameter: 1.38”)
1 Brass Padlock with 1 key 4 spacers (Fourth attached to the cage)
4 locking pins 5 rings of varying sizes
5 individually numbered plastic locks

Safety, Care and Usage:
For best results clean your CB-3000 with warm water and soap. While wearing clean yourself and CB-3000 with soap and water. Lubricate to allow the penis to move comfortably while wearing the CB-3000.

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