Buckling Collar w/ Nipple Clamps

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Get them ready for your next hot bondage scene with this Buckling Collar and Nipple Clamps set. A pair of broad tip nipple clamps are attached to the front D-ring of this black leather collar, perfect for easy accessibility and control while you dominate them.

The buckling collar fits most necks, and the adjustable nipple clamps accommodate most nips. The clamps are attached by two 12" chains and have plastic-tipped ends for a non-slip grip. You can increase the tension on the nipple clamps with the adjustable pressure screw to make your submissives nipples harder, and attach a leash to the front D-ring to take your clamped puppy for a walk.

This quality piece of BDSM gear is adjustable and wide enough to comfortably fit most necks and nips and will suit whatever kinky ideas you have in store.

Product Details:
• Fits neck: 12in - 17.5in (30.5cm - 44.5cm)
• Collar width: 1.5in (3.8cm)
• Collar made from oil tan leather
• Locks sold separately

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