Brigade Harness

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Call in the troops! Our handmade Brigade Harness is crafted with thick black reinforced leather shoulders that command attention and speak to all things strong and masculine, while the attached collar with metal snap closures make play easy.

This leather chest harness comes in 4 sizes and looks great on its own, or with one of our handmade leather jockstraps or color-coded jockstraps.
Pair it with jeans and heavy-soled boots for all your offensive or evasive maneuvers.

Product Details:
• Small - Neck: 15-16" (38-41cm); Shoulders: 16-18" (41-46cm)
• Medium - Neck: 16.5-17.5" (42-44cm); Shoulders: 18-20" (38-51cm)
• Large - Neck: 18-19" (46-48cm); Shoulders: 20-22" (51-56cm)
• Extra Large - Neck: 19.5-20.5" (50-53cm); Shoulders: 22-24" (56-61cm)

Note: This item is produced in-house by our leather team in Los Angeles. In-house items display as "In Stock," and in a majority of cases we do have current stock on hand, but if not, the items will be made to order for you, and our customer service team will notify you promptly regarding any anticipated wait (usually just a few days). You will have the option to cancel if you do not wish to wait. If other items in your order are available immediately, the order may be sent in multiple parts.

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