Barrel Nipple Clamp w/ 4 oz. Weight

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Versatile and vicious, these Barrel Nipple Clamps with Weights offer an adjustable grip and a hefty removable 4 ounce weight for an even more punishing pinch.

Easily open and close the clamps with a simple twist of the barrel, attaching to your partner (or yourself) with a tightness ranging from ticklingly teasing to torturous torment. The attached ball weight adds a consistent, heavy tug, pulling on the clamps to create a more intense, painfully pleasurable pinch.

And when we said these were versatile, we meant it. The weight is attached via a lanyard clip, making it easily removable. You can then use the clamps by themselves or even switch out the weight for lighter or heavier weights, allowing you to explore more mild or extreme sensations (making them great for beginners and for building up to heavier play). Try using these clamps beyond the nipples as well, such as sensitive genitals or your own favorite targets.

Each clamp features a visually striking black barrel for adjustments with black rubbery tips for a safe, comfortable grip, and your choice of black powder-coated or chrome-plated metal clamps and ball weight.

Product Details:
• Total Length: 5.65in/2.54cm
• Removable Ball Weight: 4oz/113.4g
• Black rubbery-sleeved clamps
• Available in Black powder-coated or Chrome-plated metal
• Sold Individually

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