Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Masturbator

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This is one of the most ingeniously-designed cock toys that we’ve come across. Where most masturbation sleeves get you off with suction and pressure created by silicone or other materials, the Ion works entirely by stimulation through pulsating airwaves. Think of it taking the idea of a “blow job” literally - with mind-blowing results.

The Ion’s air patterns focus on stimulating the Pacinian corpuscles in the frenulum — receptors in the skin that are especially sensitive to pressure and vibration. This produces some of the most intense orgasms you’re ever likely to get.

The Ion gives you a lot of control with 8 different settings and a Smart Silence mode that ensures discretion. The only sounds will be slowly building cries of pleasure as you use it.

Product Details:
• Length: 11” (27.94 cm)
• Width: 3.5” (8.89 cm)
• Height: 9.45” (24 cm)
• Weight: 2.46 lbs
• Can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water (Rated IPX7)
• Use water-based lube with the Ion
• Easy to clean; Use warm water and trusted toy cleaner (such as KinkLab’s) or antibacterial soap

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