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Apollo Automatic Power Pump, Clear

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For a pumping experience that sucks in all the good ways but none of the bad, go ahead and let the Apollo Automatic Power Pump give you a pleasant inflated feeling without having to work for it.

Made with non-toxic hygienic materials like ABS plastic on the controller and TPR (thermo plastic rubber) for the suction donut, this pump is safe for the body and ready to be used with any type of lubricant.

Grease up and slide into the firm grip of the donut at the base while grabbing on to the easily grippable textured cylinder, and a click of a button on the remote is all you need to begin the vacuum action. As the pump sucks out the air and pulls your dick into a more presentable size, the LED screen on the remote will display the air pressure so you can remember what your favorite level of suction is. You can stop the suction by pressing the same button, and even quickly deflate by pressing the air release button for an emergency escape to tease your playmate. If you're serious about getting results from a penis pump, Apollo will have you over the moon!

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