17-Piece Plastic Cupping Set

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In traditional Chinese medicine, suction cups are often applied to the surface of the body at certain points, sometimes in conjunction with acupuncture or acupressure. Traditional suction cups are glass and are heated before being placed on the body. As the air inside a glass cup cools, it contracts, creating suction that practitioners believe has therapeutic effects.

This modern version of the Cupping Set features 17 plastic cups, and the suction is produced by a pump. Although traditionally used for medical purposes, they can also be used for sexual purposes. They produce interesting physical and sensual results when used on nipples or other sensitive areas.

Note: Please go slowly with this item, as excessive suction can cause breaks in capillary blood vessels, resulting in a "hickey" type bruise, and other minor changes in the body. Cups will work best on moistened skin.

Cup Size Quantity
7/8" 1
1-1/8" 1
1-3/8" 1
1-1/2" 1
1-3/4" 13

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