Male Stockroom Brand Spotlight - Oxballs: Silicone Cock Rings, Cock Harnesses, Sheaths, Strokers, Mouth Gags, and more.
All you need to know about Oxballs is right there in the name: They design toys for men who like their sex rugged, rough, and sweaty. If your ideal fuck session makes other people think of a bull rampaging through a china shop, but you don’t want to sweep up afterward, you want to be packing at least a few Oxballs cock rings, sheaths, ball stretchers, or plugs.

Oxballs toys mean business, but there’s more to them than their ability to take a lot of punishment (and in some cases, deal it out). They also have some of the most innovative designs on the market. From high-quality cock rings to unique creations like the Urinal Piss Gag, we never get tired of waiting to see what Oxballs’ designers will come up with next. We don’t think you will, either.
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