A shirtless brunette man with pulled-back hair and facial stubble is shown from the chest up, leaning his head against a white wall. In his mouth is a matte black silicone bit gag from the Stockroom.

Sometimes it’s just not enough to restrain a sub’s hands and feet. When they start making those uncontrolled moans of delight, you have to stuff something into their mouth to keep them quiet. (Especially if you have neighbors.) We’ve found a lot of ways to keep our subs quiet – from the classic ball gag to sophisticated leather muzzles and hoods that cover the entire face or head. In addition to keeping them quiet, seizing (or surrendering) control over the mouth can be one of the most intimate kinds of restraint.

Whenever using gags or muzzles, remember to be very careful about monitoring the wearer's breathing, and always arrange a non-verbal safe signal.

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