Inflatable Butt Plug

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With a slight squeeze of hand, you can easily pump your way to the perfect fit for your anal pleasure!

This sleek and sturdy inflatable anal plug made of high-quality natural latex features a metal twist valve to release the pressure when you've finished with your fun, as well as a flat and flared base making it an ideal pairing with the Inflatable Anal Plug Harness For Men (if you need a spare!)

Product Details:
• Plug Length: 5in (12.7cm)
• Plug Diameter (max inflation): 2.5in (6.35cm)
• Plug Circumference (max inflation): 8in (20.3cm)

Safety, Care & Usage: Wash with warm water and soap. Dry with a lint free towel and store away from dust and out of direct sunlight.

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