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The Spike Cage

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Some cocks just need to be handled a little more harshly than others. The Spike Cage is made precisely with those in mind. Seven concentric rings of stainless steel keep the wearer’s shaft securely locked away from any touch, stroke, or caress not explicitly approved by Master. But containment is only the Cage’s first function; the inside of each ring is lined with four small — yet merciless — spikes that torment the captive prick with every twitch and movement. The result is a delicious mix of chastity and CBT that won’t soon be forgotten.

To really get across the feeling of total control over the sub’s cock, the Spike Cage comes with an adjustable steel ring that fastens around the base of the shaft using a handcuff-style locking mechanism. The Spike Cage locks to the ring using a single pin for secure and irresistible restraint.

• Length: 5.12in (13cm)
• Internal Diameter: 1.34in (3.4cm)
• Ring Diameter Options: Adjustable 1.4in - 2in (3.5cm - 5cm)
• Includes: Lock with three keys

Safety, Care and Usage:
The device is made out of stainless steel, a hygienic material that is easy-to-clean and rust-proof.

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