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PES Testicle Tubular Electrode

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Wrap this electrode around your boy’s balls and light them up for some sizzling hot electrosex sessions. Made from PES’s proprietary Electro-Flex conductive silicone, this electrode is designed to wind snugly around the soft tissue of the scrotum, cradling each one separately. Adjust the pressure with a careful, precise touch to focus the stimulation directly onto the most sensitive areas for maximum pleasure (or torment).

If you’re feeling creative, the Testicle Tubular Electrode lends itself to many uses; try wrapping one loop around the base of the shaft like an electrified cock ring with the second around the top of the scrotum for some especially intense ball play.

To complete the circuit and make the juice flow, the electrode does need to work in tandem with another. We strongly recommend you check out Electro-Flex™ Penile Ring, the Electro-Flex™ Anal Plug, the Sparkler, the Anal Tubular Electrode™, and the Corona Stimulators, any of which complements this one perfectly.

Apply lube thoroughly before you put this electrode on, so the testicle loops move freely through the platform base.

Ready for use with The PES Powerbox; not recommended for the Rimba Powerbox

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