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PES Prostate Stimulator Electrode

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Your P-Spot is just waiting for some proper stimulation to trigger a mind-blowing orgasm. This unique electrosex electrode was designed from the ground up to do that very thing with erotic pleasure, safety and comfort in a single package.

The Prostate Stimulator is made up of a polished aluminum electro-conductive sphere about 1” in diameter connected to a flexible, T-shaped base. The ball allows you to direct the electrical current right where you want it, focusing electrostimuli at your prostate. Used in tandem with another single-conductor electrode, it can bring you to a hands-free climax.

This unique electrode, like most of the P.E.S. line of electro stimulation products, was designed from the ground up. The new Prostate Stimulator is designed with comfort and safety in mind and fulfills the 3rd principle of EES, which is proper focusing of the electro stimuli. By bending the vertical flexible shaft of the Prostate Stimulator, you can direct the polished aluminum electro conductive ball and thereby focus the EES toward the prostate. When combining this single conductor electrode with another PES single conductor electrode, the the current flows through the prostate to achieve "hands free" ejaculation.

The flexible T-based platform is every bit as important as the sphere and has the same ingenuity put into its creation. The neck includes a specialized wire that’s flexible enough to follow the course of your anal cavity, while strong enough to withstand metal fatigue. The base not only gives you something to grip and maneuver the course of the electrode, but it acts as a safety stop. So you can confidently go far enough to make your (or your partner’s) ass hum and sing with pleasure without worrying about losing the electrode down your ass. Safe, comfortable — and a great way to add new dimensions to your anal electro-play.

Ready for use with our PES Powerbox

Requires PES Low Profile Leads for use with Folsom power unit Dual Output PSG-MAX

Not recommended for use with The Rimba Powerbox(s)

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