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For those wanting to explore the joy of electrosex (or take it farther than ever before), the PES Powerbox is essential; this is control center for pleasure at many levels. Plug your Electro Erotic electrodes into the box, then run the current with precise control, bringing as much or as little stimulation to your partner as the scene calls for.

Erotic Electro Stimulation is a more direct kind of pleasure than using mechanical vibes. The current from the electrodes interacts directly with the nerve endings, flowing deeper into your body than the limited stimulation you get from a vibe. After the power gets to the right level, you can adjust the frequency and pulse rates with an incredibly fine level of control to get the feeling you want. Within this one box (and your own selection of electrodes) lies an unimaginable palette of erotic sensation.

*The PES Power Box can be used with up to four single or two double PES electrodes. Push-button switches allow for the momentary pause of any device, while LEDs visually show the frequency of the pulses. Adjustments are controlled through the use of two POWER knobs, a PULSE knob, and two FREQUENCY knobs, one on the face of the box and a fine adjustment on the side. The box comes with an A/C Adapter and two pair of low profile leads for attachment to the electrodes, and will also operate with a 9-volt alkaline battery (not included). Note: the 9-volt battery will not provide sufficient power to operate 2 PES Electro Stimulation devices concurrently.

*Overseas caution: PES Electro Stimulation Boxes are designed to operate on a 9-volt alkaline battery or the current supplied by a 110 volt A/C Adapter. For overseas locations, a converter can be used with the A/C Adapter or an adapter purchased purchased locally that supplies 9-12 volts DC, 300-500 mA. The Adapter plug must be a center pole positive for the input plug for the box.

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