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PES Low Profile Leads

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Plug your electrodes into your PES Power Box quickly and easily with complete freedom of mobility. PES’s Low-Profile Leads rise less than ¼” above the base of the electrode, where more cumbersome styles can protrude up to 1 ½” high. That can make it hard for the partner who’s hooked up to move around or lie down. With these, you can change positions with little problem; you can even lie down and barely notice the profile of the electrode between your skin and the floor. Instead of feeling the leads digging into your skin, you’re free to focus on the current running through your body, lighting up your nerves and muscles with delightful sensation.

To apply, the L0w Profile Leads have a quick “pinch and snap” that lets you hook up to any PES electrode with no muss or fuss, leaving your hands free to operate the Power Box.

Product Details:
• Cable length: 48” long
• 35mm plug to connect to power box
• “Pinch and snap” connectors for electrode.

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