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The PES Corona Stimulator gives a whole new — and more intense — meaning to the phrase “giving head.” This electrode is designed to focus current onto the glans and urethra, some of the most tender and sensual parts of any cock. As always, we recommend that you exercise plenty of caution, but when applied right, it’s capable of bringing your cock to life in ways that you didn’t imagine possible.

The Corona Stimulator is made of PES’s proprietary conductive silicone blend, Electro-Flex, which allows you to easily shape it to the contours of your cock head, while allowing the power to zip through at nearly full strength.

The adjustable secondary body cradles the front curve of the glans and lays over the urethra for centralized coverage. (Like many of PES’s electrodes, this one rewards creative play, so you can focus it elsewhere on the glans if you prefer.) The Primary body fits just behind the corona to hold the entire assembly stable, and the two connect just above the frenulum, always one of the most responsive points on the cock, although often one of the most neglected. The electrode should be initially fitted onto the cock head while the wearer is in a semi-erect state. As you play, let yourself swell and grow into it as you achieve full erection.

Please note that the Coronal Stimulator is a single-electrode device; it needs another single-electrode device (or a dual-electrode, using a Y connector) to complete the circuit and work. This leaves a lot of room for you to explore your imagination and desire. Combining the Coronal Stimulator with the Testicle Tubular electrode comes highly recommended by estim afficionados, as it provides stimulation that includes the entire shaft.

Product Details:
• Ready for use with the PES Powerbox
• Requires PES Low-Profile Leads for use with Folsom Power Unit Dual Output PSG-MAX
• Not Recommended for use with the Rimba Powerbox
• Single-electrode (monopolar) device; another single-electrode device (or dual-electrode type with “Y” adapter) is required for use.

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