J-Lube, 10oz.

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The legendary J-Lube “a hand concentrate for veterinarian use!” stands apart from the rest because it is the most slippery and gooey and comes in powder form. It's the top choice for handballing (fisting) and using especially large anal toys. J-Lube is a made of a high tech, long chain polyethylene polymer that washes off easily with a sprinkle of salt and water. J-Lube is great for traveling- simply carry it in powder form, mix as much as you need with water, and enjoy your vacation in slippery bliss without the danger of sticky luggage lube spillage. It is non-irritating, odorless, tasteless, non-staining and re-activates easily with water. Because it is water-based, it is latex condom safe. There’s a whole interesting culture and information on the web about ways to mix J-Lube for various desired consistencies, mixing it with Crisco; applying J-Lube; J-Lube tricks like making J-Lube popsicles and ice cubes for cooling down after hot play etc. Just Google it and you’ll be amazed and/or amused at what you will find.

One 10oz. container of J-Lube makes an amazing eight to ten gallons of lube.

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