Fist Powder Water Based Powder Lubricant 65g

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This powdered lube is extraordinary for fisting and amazing for sex and masturbation.

No more allergies or any danger: FistPowder does not contain any preservatives or toxins and is hypoallergenic.

Once prepared, the lube does not have any taste or smell. It can be premixed and refrigerated up to 48 hours before use. FistPowder does not stain, is easy to clean, and is compatible with silicone toys.

Instructions on how to use:
• Using cap provided, measure just 5 to 7g of FistPowder
• Pour 300ml of warm water in a container/blender, add 5 to 7g of FistPowder.
• Shake thoroughly and blend until a smooth gel forms.
• Fill with the last 200ml of water. Remember, first the warm water then the powder!
• Play with thickness by reducing or adding the amount of powder when mixing. The gel regenerates itself by adding water.

Product Details:
Ingredients: Maltodextrine, Xanthan Gum, Poly(ethylene oxide)
Net weight: 65g/2.3 oz

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