Male Stockroom: PES Paradise Electro Stimulation, E-stim products, PES Powerbox, and moreDante Amore founded Paradise Electro Stimulation, Inc (PES) because he witnessed “crude and dangerous experimentation with electricity for genital stimulation” in San Francisco’s BDSM scene. Amore knew that e-stim play could be both hot and safe, and he committed himself to provide better quality electrosex gear.

Male Stockroom is proud to carry PES equipment because we believe in Amore’s commitment to safety, and their products have demonstrated that they’re serious about living up to their mission. The PES Powerbox and its various attachments, including electric cock rings, urethral stimulation, and anal electrodes are as safe as they are pleasurable. Know that your cock and balls are in good hands when you plug in PES.

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